About Us

With over sixty years experience in the baking industry, working in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Italy and the Middle East’ we can assist you in both  product and machinery design to support  all of your baking needs. Whether your interest is in biscuit baking, cakes, bread production, plant or speciality breads, cakes, muffins or soft cookies, you can feel confident having the support of an experienced and innovative bakery consultant with proven career knowledge in all sectors of the industry.

So what makes us different? We strive in helping our clients to produce real bread and confectionery with interesting flavours and textures; this has been consistently rewarded by an ever increasing growth in demand from the public. Our efforts are driven by a philosophy of using ingredients which can stimulate the most exacting needs of our public; this enables us to achieve a level of innovation and originality which sets you, the client, apart from many of your competitors.

The aim of our company We promote the use of breads using leavens and sourdoughs without the aid of product improvers while using the shortest ingredient listings. We can design specific machinery for your production needs, with our knowledge of the best products on the market this enables you to produce a range of bread, cakes, bars and biscuits, targeting whatever your customer requires.